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Do not let your business freeze over just because you don’t have a quality Freezer Cabinet!

Hamill Refrigeration Ltd will not stand for that as we are dedicated to bringing refrigeration solutions that can help you with your business. We uphold our commitment to high quality food hygiene in Auckland by retaining food products’ prime elements, freshness, and nutritive values or nutrients. Preservation of its rawness and organic values is paramount. Hamill Refrigeration Ltd manufactures a wide range of high quality freezer equipment including cabinets, which are all a class of its own.

Hamill Refrigeration Ltd is a cut above the rest when it comes to passion and commitment. And our freezer cabinet products and services are all marked with the same passion and commitment. We develop an intent working relationship with prestigious manufacturers and laboratories in developing freezer equipment and cabinets. These are all produced to give optimal capability and performance, without necessarily consuming high energy and having huge environmental impact. With Hamill, every servicing is made with superiority, leading edge, and experience. Because of it, Hamill is a trusted refrigeration solutions provider in Auckland.

Our freezer cabinets come in a range of excellent quality materials to a high specification to assure maximal operation in busy kitchens and other businesses. You can choose glass window cabinets or equipment that is made just for food preparation areas and galleys, and more. We work with you to meet your requirements. And you can count on our in-house specialists to efficiently refurbish, fix, or maintain your freezer cabinet. We also have a 24/7-breakdown service with no obligation quotations and advice on issues. You don’t need to worry about the rates as well because they are all reasonably priced! What more do you want? Hamill Refrigeration Ltd wants to help carve the future of the food and beverage industry and the refrigeration industry as a whole, one refrigeration solution at a time.

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