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Give your kitchen a magical touch by having a Custom Built Refrigeration!

A custom built refrigerator is a gem in any kitchen. This is because it adds a touch of distinction to your kitchen and gives it a seamless look. It seamlessly fuses with your other kitchen equipment and appliances, while having it correspond quite well with your needs and style. You will have your identity stamped on your very kitchen. And it brings a sleek look and a space-saving advantage. Indeed, it will turn your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary! So make that dream kitchen a reality by working with Hamill Refrigeration Ltd.

Hamill Refrigeration Ltd’s custom built refrigeration is made just for you and our service is always over and above the regular ones. Customers like you, who expect for the very best, will see that we aim to deliver only superior service. With custom built refrigeration, Hamill gives you the free hand to customize, to go modular. We hand in to you the freedom to incorporate your refrigeration with the style and composition of your kitchen— all these with excellence in each and every construction. Whatever your needs are, we will meet those needs. Side-by-side, French door bottom freezer, single door bottom freezer or whatever the cabinet depths are, sizes or configuration; we will construct it with care and with the best technical know-how.

Hamill Refrigeration Ltd will be there from construction to completion and even after the completion. We will remain in contact with you because our commitment will last for a lifetime. Maintenance and repairs are only two of the services we will continue to provide. You can keep relying on us for quality support and service. So go on and choose the right refrigerator for you. More importantly, choose the right refrigeration company to work with. Choose us. We invite you to contact us or give us a visit here in Auckland and you will know the difference. Hamill Refrigeration Ltd is undoubtedly Auckland’s outstanding refrigeration authority.

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